Friday, February 3, 2012

Smart egg

I think the female egg cell (ovum) is showing very intelligent behaviour.

All those male cells (sperm) are swimming like crazy using those long thin tails to gain speed and to win the race.

It is a tight race and one, only one of the intruders reaches the surface of the egg shell and happily drops the tail and gets in for mutual genetic activities.

Now one could think several lines of action after the male cell has entered.

But the egg cell is smart. As it senses that a fellow is safely in she pushes the button that closes all the doors and windows and other places - none of the other contenders can enter in.

Very smart, indeed, highly intelligent and significant.

Especially when we remember that the egg has no brains.

It will take time before the human embryo started with those two cells grows first signs of a brain... But that is another story.

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