Friday, February 3, 2012

Is everybody ingelligent then?

Steve Jobs
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The first signs of life on planet Earth some 3.5 billion years ago - very smart bacteria that know how to use sunlight to generate oxygen. That gas is needed by life forms that are going to appear waayyy later....

The first cell of human babies, the egg - very smart as she blocks in subsecond all other intruders after a single male candidate of the thousands on the way has entered it.

Even the Bible praises the wisdom of ants. In cold areas of the planet they prepare their community during summer time in preparation for the coming cold winter. They do this in order to survive under snow when no food supply available. Working together and tolling for the common good - highly intelligent activity. And highly small brains.

So is everybody intelligent then?
Well, my dog did sometimes silly things just for the fun of it. We both enjoyed a stupid game pulling and groaning fiercely who gets that old black plastic bucket. Hmm... thinking of it, had someone seen the two of us there I am not sure which one of us would have looked stupid, Jerryboy or me? So maybe it is stupid of me to tell about this game... but it was fun!

We humans do sometimes really stupid things despite the fact that we have the most fabulous brains among all species on Earth and so call ourselves humbly homo sapiens sapiens, the wise wise wise wise human ...

Take, for example, the important directors of IBM dealing with huge insurance companies, banks and navy and airforce running enormous mainframe computers: they said "who cares about these little boxes - let us outsource the OS to that little garage shop ... what thay call it, Microsoft..."  ... Not smart.

Or the fellow(s) who knew how to invest real big money so that it makes even more money and said "we better let this jeans dressing Steve Jobs go as it is now time for real business managers to take responsibility of the job(s)." Not smart.

Well, we may freely define our language usage and say that ants are not intelligent because they have no choice - that is how they are and have in the process conquered every landmass on the planet. Being here some 120 million years longer than we smart humans. They even survived the catastrophe that destroyed those mighty dinosaurs.

But who is smart if not the ant?

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