Friday, April 27, 2012

Cosmic brain a la Sir Fred Hoyle

Cover of first edition 1957.
Surely you know, Mikko, that the extraordinary ability humans have to think divine thoughts is because of the brain we have.

They even say that the brain of Albert Einstein was physically somewhat different and this made him able to figure out abstract things better than his contemporaries... or most of us, in fact.

So if God is thinking does he also God have a brain located somewhere?


The Bible gives us an anthropomorphic image of God. But not on the basis of one to one. The people of Israel realized, that they are dealing with something somewhat biggger than human.

There was one interesting thinker, Sir Fred Hoyle , who put took this question seriously. And he went on imagining something larger than humans or anything, non-organic interstellar cloud that is conscious and able to think and communicate.

I find his 1957 Sci-Fi book Black Cloud very entertaining and also it raises many kinds of thoughts about thinking and brains.. expands our minds about mind..

So let's think about it!